Klein Group Inventory®

The Klein Group Instrument® for Effective  Leadership and Participation in Teams is designed to assess a range of behaviors that are essential for effective leadership and  teamwork. The KGI® provides practical and actionable insights into group behavior for  individuals within a group and, through an optional Group Profile, insights about the group itself. The tool measures how often we use each of nine critical elements of group success. Results are delivered through customized reports describing strengths, areas of challenge, and strategies for becoming a more effective team member or leader.

The KGI assessment explores people’s patterns of group behavior along four critical dimensions:

  • Leadership measures the ability of a team member to guide the group towards meaningful collaboration and successful task completion.
  • Negotiation Orientation measures the ability of members to listen closely to one another and to construct mutually acceptable agreements.
  • Task Focus measures the ability of members to devise a sound strategy for the task and to carry out the plan fruitfully.
  • Interpersonal Focus measures the ability of members to develop a team spirit and to attend to the feeling issues in the group.

These four major scales are further broken down into nine subscales that provide you and your team with recommended action steps to enhance your performance. Currently, this is the only assessment available that allows you to address these four fundamental areas within a single instrument.

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