My Services

My services consist of educational team development training, coaching, and consulting that enhances personal awareness and promotes skill development. These services are centered on using world-class assessment tools.

My Goals

  • To increase self-awareness – so that each individual can find their own pathway to excellence that leads to motivated and committed behavior.
  • To celebrate the personality and style differences in others – leading to the mutually beneficial use of those differences.
  • To achieve meaningful, measurable results and not just have a fun event – although I do my best to make it fun, too!

My Philosophy

  • I believe in custom-tailored training that suits the unique needs and demands of each client.
  • I believe that individuals learn best through doing rather than being talked to. My highly interactive programs use group and self-assessment exercises accompanied by observation, group discussion, questions and the sharing of related stories that validate and reinforce the material.

My Solutions

My clients have sought my expertise in the following areas:

  • Team building
  • Decision-making and change management
  • Interpersonal and Communication skills
  • Conflict management
  • Leadership Development
  • New Manager Training

Your Benefits

My services could be of assistance to you if:

  • Your organization would like to know more about tools that could benefit your work and professional relationships.
  • Improved teamwork, interpersonal and communication skills, and conflict management techniques would improve your ability to work constructively with one another.
  • Your organization could benefit from insight into people’s natural strengths and whether their roles allow them to use their talents to maximum effect.
  • Your organization is in the midst of major change driven by internal issues and/or external/marketplace forces and needs to manage the personal and relational stresses during this transformation.
  • Your organization would benefit from high-impact leadership development.
  • Your organization is doing well but you believe in continually improving your work environment and professional relationships.
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One thought on “My Services

  1. Ray,
    I just finished the JHU LDP progam and had the pleasure of working with you on the SDI component. You may recall I inquired about having you conduct the SDI for our office.

    I wanted to confirm the prices for a half-day and full-day session. Also, what does your availability look like over the next few months?

    Ken Schappelle
    Marketing Manager
    Johns Hopkins University Engineering for Professionals

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